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Innovations for sustainable agricultural resource utilization and climate adaption in dry steps of Kazakhstan and southwest Siberia (ReKKS)

Leitung:Prof. Dr. Georg Guggenberger
Bearbeitung:Markus Koch

The interdisciplinary joint project ReKKS is part of the BMBF-Funding Measure „<b>CLIENT II – international partnerships for sustainable innovations</b>“ which aims to improve the knowledge and develope practical approaches and adaptation strategies for ecologically friendly and economically profitable agriculture in arid steppe regions.


In the arid steppe regions of Kazakhstan and southwestern Siberia, the problems of soil degradation, climate change, and change of land use necessitates innovations for a sustainable use of agricultural resources. By a combination of research, development, and implementation, the project aims at developing innovative, sustainable, and climate-adapted agricultural concepts and to support infrastructure for an information and advisory system. This is based on an already established cooperation between scientists, German companies as well as local land users and other interest representatives. The core of the project is the development and implementation of new, tailor-made farm machinery, agronomic concepts, and soil monitoring approaches, which will be conducted on test areas of research institutes as well as on-farm. By means of innovative scientific methods, the success of soil erosion reduction, improvement of water and nutrient budgets of the soils, carbon sequestration in the soils, and steppe restoration will be tested. Comprehensive findings concerning the mechanisms and control parameters of an ecologically and economically sustainable agricultural use of arid steppes are expected. Economic aspects of utilization of the results include higher agricultural yields at simultaneously increased yield security.


More information at: www.rekks.eu