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Gold fever continues – and soils are coming into play (27. and 28. July)

After another exciting night fighting with strong rain in the forest steppe, a second mine invited us for breakfeast and lunch. This was not only a chance to warm up but the food was also very good (Yak!!!). Comparing to the first mine we saw a real interest in rehabilitation of the land. The rivers filter system was much more efficient, living a clean river behind.

Back at the camp we finally did a soil transect in wonderful nature. The first challenge for some of was to climb up the mountain. Later on we learned about the extremely complicated structure of the mongolian soil classifikation

  1. Environment (Mountain, Desert)
  2. Soil colour (Brown, Yellow, Grey)
  3. Combine both to define the soil type

For example: Mountain brown soil

In German and WRB classification we found along the transect from the mountain to the river plain the following soils: Syrosem/Leptosol, Regosol/Regosol, Braunerde/Cambisol, Auengley/Gleysol, Paternia/Regosol.