Publikationsliste Dr. Alberto Andrino de la Fuente

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Salas, S. K., García, E. D., Andrino, A., Meurer, K. H. E., Boy, D., Horn, M., Boy, J., & Jungkunst, H. (2020, Mär 23). Using N2O to detect if a tipping point has been crossed in tropical soils after droughts.


Andrino, A., Boy, J., Mikutta, R., Sauheitl, L., & Guggenberger, G. (2019). Carbon Investment Required for the Mobilization of Inorganic and Organic Phosphorus Bound to Goethite by an Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (Solanum lycopersicum x Rhizophagus irregularis). Frontiers in Environmental Science, 7, [26].,
Andrino, A., Navarro-Ródenas, A., Marqués-Gálvez, J. E., & Morte, A. (2019). The crop of desert truffle depends on agroclimatic parameters during two key annual periods. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 39(6), [51].


Boy, J., Godoy, R., Dechêne, A., Shibistova, O., Amir, H., Iskandar, I., Fogliano, B., Boy, D., McCulloch, R., Andrino de la Fuente, A., Gschwendtner, S., Marin, C., Sauheitl, L., Dultz, S., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2017). Global comparison reveals biogenic weathering as driven by nutrient limitation at ecosystem scale.


Boy, J., Godoy, R., Shibistova, O., Boy, D., McCulloch, R., De La Fuente, A. A., Morales, M. A., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2016). Successional patterns along soil development gradients formed by glacier retreat in the Maritime Antarctic, King George Island. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, 89, [6].
Navarro-Ródenas, A., Berná, L. M., Lozano-Carrillo, C., Andrino, A., & Morte, A. (2016). Beneficial native bacteria improve survival and mycorrhization of desert truffle mycorrhizal plants in nursery conditions. MYCORRHIZA, 26(7), 769-779.