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Ai, J., Banfield, C. C., Shao, G., Zamanian, K., Stürzebecher, T., Shi, L., Fan, L., Liu, X., Spielvogel, S., & Dippold, M. A. (2023). What controls the availability of organic and inorganic P sources in top- and subsoils? A 33P isotopic labeling study with root exudate addition. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 185, [109129].
Amelung, W., Meyer, N., Rodionov, A., Knief, C., Aehnelt, M., Bauke, S. L., Biesgen, D., Dultz, S., Guggenberger, G., Jaber, M., Klumpp, E., Kögel-Knabner, I., Nischwitz, V., Schweizer, S. A., Wu, B., Totsche, K. U., & Lehndorff, E. (2023). Process sequence of soil aggregate formation disentangled through multi-isotope labelling. GEODERMA, 429, [116226].
Angelopoulou, T., Chabrillat, S., Pignatti, S., Milewski, R., Karyotis, K., Brell, M., Ruhtz, T., Bochtis, D., & Zalidis, G. (2023). Evaluation of Airborne HySpex and Spaceborne PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Soil Organic Matter and Carbonates Estimation. Remote sensing, 15(4), [1106].
Benard, P., Bachmann, J., Zarebanadkouki, M., Schlüter, S., Blaser, S. R. G. A., Kaestner, A., & Carminati, A. (2023). Variations in pore size and contact angle distributions control rhizosphere rewetting. GEODERMA, 437, [116576].
Bilibio, C., Uteau, D., Horvat, M., Rosskopf, U., Junge, S. M., Finckh, M. R., & Peth, S. (2023). Impact of Ten Years Conservation Tillage in Organic Farming on Soil Physical Properties in a Loess Soil—Northern Hesse, Germany. Agriculture (Switzerland), 13(1), [133].
Bucka, F. B., Felde, V. J. M. N. L., Peth, S., & Kögel-Knabner, I. (Angenommen/Im Druck). Complementary effects of sorption and biochemical processing of dissolved organic matter for emerging structure formation controlled by soil texture. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science.
Dorau, K., Uteau, D., Maisch, M., Kappler, A., Peth, S., & Mansfeldt, T. (2023). Redoxtrons: An experimental system to study redox processes within the capillary fringe. European journal of soil science, 74(1), [e13347].
Francos, N., Heller-Pearlshtien, D., Dematte, J. A. M., Van Wesemael, B., Milewski, R., Chabrillat, S., Tziolas, N., Sanz Diaz, A., Yague Ballester, M. J., Gholizadeh, A., & Ben-Dor, E. (2023). A Spectral Transfer Function to Harmonize Existing Soil Spectral Libraries Generated by Different Protocols. Applied and Environmental Soil Science, 2023, [4155390].
Francos, N., Chabrillat, S., Tziolas, N., Milewski, R., Brell, M., Samarinas, N., Angelopoulou, T., Tsakiridis, N., Liakopoulos, V., Ruhtz, T., & Ben-Dor, E. (2023). Estimation of water-infiltration rate in Mediterranean sandy soils using airborne hyperspectral sensors. CATENA, 233, [107476].
Froese, R., Andrino, A., Giudice, R., Stuch, B., Kilian Salas, S., Böhner, J., Boy, D., Boy, J., Brown, F., Díaz García, E., Figueroa, D., Frör, O., Guggenberger, G., Horn, M. A., Hasson, S. U., Jung, C., Lagneaux, E. G., Meurer, K. H. E., Pinzón Cuellar, C., ... Jungkunst, H. F. (2023). Describing complex interactions of social-ecological systems for tipping point assessments: an analytical framework. Frontiers in Climate, 5, [1145942].

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von 652
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