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Schäfer, K., Jahn, C., Wiwiorra, M., Schleichardt, A., Emeis, S., Raabe, A., Böttcher, J., Landmeyer, N. D., Bonecke, C., Deurer, M., Von Der Heide, C., & Weymann, D. (2009). Application of open-path spectroscopic measurement techniques (FTIR) for the up-scaling of greenhouse gas emissions from soils. in Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XIV [747511] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Band 7475).
Schäfer, K., Jahn, C., Emeis, S., Wiwiorra, M., Von Der Heide, C., Böttcher, J., Deurer, M., Landmeyer, N. D., Bonecke, C., Fahle, J., Weymann, D., Schleichardt, A., & Raabe, A. (2009). Up-scaling methods of greenhouse gas fluxes between the soil and the atmosphere using a measuring tunnel as well as open-path measurement techniques for the flux-gradient method. in Air and Waste Management Association - 1st International Greenhouse Gas Measurement Symposium 2009 (S. 43-47). (Air and Waste Management Association - 1st International Greenhouse Gas Measurement Symposium 2009; Band 182 CP).
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Shibistova, O., Tischer, S., Binh, V. V., Vien, D. M., Guong, V. T., & Guggenberger, G. (2009). Effects of substrate application to alluvial soils on soil microbial parameters in a Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) orchard. in Closing nutrient cycles in decentralised water treatment systems in the Mekong Delta : ; Project duration 2005 - 2008 (Phase II): SANSED project - Final report (S. 186-194)
Simonyan, A. V., Behrens, H., & Dultz, S. (2009). Diffusive transport of water in porous feldspars from granitic saprolites: In situ experiments using FTIR spectroscopy. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, 73(23), 7019-7033.
Utermann, J., Duijnisveld, W., Godbersen, L., & Fuchs, M. (2009). Uran in Böden und Sickerwässern - gibt es Indizien für eine Phosphordünger-bürtige Uran-Anreicherung?. 1 - 4. Beitrag in Jahrestagung der DBG, Kom. I
Titel der Tagung: Böden – eine endliche Ressource, Bonn.
Von Der Heide, C., Böttcher, J., Deurer, M., Duijnisveld, W. H. M., Weymann, D., & Well, R. (2009). Estimation of indirect nitrous oxide emissions from a shallow aquifer in northern Germany. Journal of environmental quality, 38(6), 2161-2171.
Weymann, D., Well, R., von der Heide, C., Böttcher, J., Flessa, H., & Duijnisveld, W. H. M. (2009). Recovery of groundwater N2spiinf;o at the soil surface and its contribution to total N2spiinf;o emissions. Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems, 85(3), 299-312.
Wilcke, W., Guenter, S., Alt, F., Geissler, C., Boy, J., Knuth, J., Oelmann, Y., Weber, M., Valarezo, C., & Mosandl, R. (2009). Response of water and nutrient fluxes to improvement fellings in a tropical montane forest in Ecuador. Forest ecology and management.
Wullaert, H., Pohlert, T., Boy, J., Valarezo, C., & Wilcke, W. (2009). Spatial throughfall heterogeneity in a montane rain forest in Ecuador: Extent, temporal stability and drivers. Journal of hydrology, 377(1-2), 71-79.

Zeige Ergebnisse 531 - 540 von 652