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Sepehrnia, N., & Bachmann, J. (2022). Capturing water repellency cessation time by means of characteristic time method. GEODERMA, 427, [116126].

Shafea, L., Yap, J., Beriot, N., Felde, V. J. M. N. L., Okoffo, E. D., Enyoh, C. E., & Peth, S. (Angenommen/Im Druck). Microplastics in agroecosystems: A review of effects on soil biota and key soil functions. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science.

Stock, S. C., Koester, M., Nájera, F., Boy, J., Matus, F., Merino, C., Abdallah, K., Spielvogel, S., Gorbushina, A. A., Dippold, M. A., & Kuzyakov, Y. (2022). Vegetation strategies for nitrogen and potassium acquisition along a climate and vegetation gradient: From semi-desert to temperate rainforest. GEODERMA, 425, [116077].

Sun, Q., Zamanian, K., Huguet, A., Wiesenberg, G. L. B., Zhao, T., & Lei, Z. (2023). Carbonate cementing minerals in rhizoliths from Badain Jaran Desert: Implication for pedo-diagenesis and environment of dune soil. Rhizosphere, 25, [100647].

Sun, Q., Zamanian, K., Huguet, A., Bayat, O., Wang, H., & Badawy, H. S. (2022). Genesis and soil environmental implications of intact in-situ rhizoliths in dunes of the Badain Jaran Desert, northwestern China. Acta Geochimica, 41(5), 811-822.


Tang, N., Siebers, N., Leinweber, P., Eckhardt, K. U., Dultz, S., Nischwitz, V., & Klumpp, E. (2022). Implications of Free and Occluded Fine Colloids for Organic Matter Preservation in Arable Soils. Environmental Science and Technology, 56(19), 14133-14145.

Tunega, D., Šolc, R., Grančič, P., Gerzabek, M. H., Goebel, M. O., Guggenberger, G., Bachmann, J., & Woche, S. K. (2023). Wettability of siloxane surfaces assessed by molecular dynamics, contact angle determination, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Applied surface science, 611, [155680].

Uteau, D., Horn, R., & Peth, S. (2022). Millimetre scale aeration of the rhizosphere and drilosphere. European journal of soil science, 73(4), [e13269].

Varsadiya, M., Liebmann, P., Petters, S., Hugelius, G., Urich, T., Guggenberger, G., & Bárta, J. (2022). Extracellular enzyme ratios reveal locality and horizon-specific carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus limitations in Arctic permafrost soils. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY, 161(2), 101-117.

Viscarra Rossel, R. A., Behrens, T., Ben-Dor, E., Chabrillat, S., Demattê, J. A. M., Ge, Y., Gomez, C., Guerrero, C., Peng, Y., Ramirez-Lopez, L., Shi, Z., Stenberg, B., Webster, R., Winowiecki, L., & Shen, Z. (2022). Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for estimating soil properties: A technology for the 21st century. European journal of soil science, 73(4), [e13271].

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