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Liu, Y., Ge, T., Zhu, Z., Liu, S., Luo, Y., Li, Y., Wang, P., Gavrichkova, O., Xu, X., Wang, J., Wu, J., Guggenberger, G., & Kuzyakov, Y. (2019). Carbon input and allocation by rice into paddy soils: A review. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 133, 97-107.
Liu, Y., Dong, Y., Ge, T., Hussain, Q., Wang, P., Wang, J., Li, Y., Guggenberger, G., & Wu, J. (2019). Impact of prolonged rice cultivation on coupling relationship among C, Fe, and Fe-reducing bacteria over a 1000-year paddy soil chronosequence. Biology and fertility of soils, 55(6), 589-602.
Liu, Y., Ge, T., Ye, J., Liu, S., Shibistova, O., Wang, P., Wang, J., Li, Y., Guggenberger, G., Kuzyakov, Y., & Wu, J. (2019). Initial utilization of rhizodeposits with rice growth in paddy soils: Rhizosphere and N fertilization effects. Geoderma, 338, 30-39.
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Mikutta, R., Turner, S., Schippers, A., Gentsch, N., Meyer-Stüve, S., Condron, L. M., Peltzer, D. A., Richardson, S. J., Eger, A., Hempel, G., Kaiser, K., Klotzbücher, T., & Guggenberger, G. (2019). Microbial and abiotic controls on mineral-associated organic matter in soil profiles along an ecosystem gradient. Scientific reports, 9(1), [10294].,
Turner, S., Mikutta, R., Guggenberger, G., Schaarschmidt, F., & Schippers, A. (2019). Distinct pattern of nitrogen functional gene abundances in top- and subsoils along a 120,000-year ecosystem development gradient. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 132, 111-119.
Xia, Y., Chen, X., Hu, Y., Zheng, S., Ning, Z., Guggenberger, G., He, H., Wu, J., & Su, Y. (2019). Contrasting contribution of fungal and bacterial residues to organic carbon accumulation in paddy soils across eastern China. Biology and fertility of soils, 55(8), 767-776.


Atere, C. T., Ge, T., Zhu, Z., Liu, S., Huang, X., Shibsitova, O., Guggenberger, G., & Wu, J. (2018). Assimilate allocation by rice and carbon stabilisation in soil: effect of water management and phosphorus fertilisation. Plant and soil, 445(1-2), 153-167.
Bischoff, N., Mikutta, R., Shibistova, O., Dohrmann, R., Herdtle, D., Gerhard, L., Fritzsche, F., Puzanov, A., Silanteva, M., Grebennikova, A., & Guggenberger, G. (2018). Organic matter dynamics along a salinity gradient in Siberian steppe soils. Biogeosciences, 15(1), 13-29.,
Boy, J., Strey, S., Schönenberg, R., Strey, R., Weber-Santos, O., Nendel, C., Klingler, M., Schumann, C., Hartberger, K., & Guggenberger, G. (2018). Seeing the forest not for the carbon: why concentrating on land-use-induced carbon stock changes of soils in Brazil can be climate-unfriendly. Regional environmental change, 18(1), 63-75.

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