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Schönenberg, R., Boy, J., Hartberger, K., Schumann, C., Guggenberger, G., Siebold, M., Lakes, T., Lamparter, G., Schindewolf, M., Schaldach, R., Nendel, C., Hohnwald, S., Meurer, K. H. E., Gerold, G., & Klingler, M. (2017). Experiences of inter-and transdisciplinary research - a trajectory of knowledge integration within a large research consortium. ERDKUNDE, 71(3), 177-193.
Strey, S., Boy, J., Strey, R., Welpelo, A., Schönenberg, R., Schumann, C., & Guggenberger, G. (2017). Digging deeper: the value of deep soil carbon for potential REDD+ projects in tropical forest communities in Amazonia. ERDKUNDE, 71(3), 231-239.,
Wilcke, W., Velescu, A., Leimer, S., Bigalke, M., Boy, J., & Valarezo, C. (2017). Biological versus geochemical control and environmental change drivers of the base metal budgets of a tropical montane forest in Ecuador during 15 years. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY, 136(2), 167-189.


Boy, J., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2016). Es grünt so grün. forschung, 41(4).
Boy, J., Godoy, R., Shibistova, O., Boy, D., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2016). Formation of bio-geosystems by biogenic weathering: Microbial processes and pathways in maritime antarctic protosoils.
Boy, J., Godoy, R., Shibistova, O., Boy, D., McCulloch, R., De La Fuente, A. A., Morales, M. A., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2016). Successional patterns along soil development gradients formed by glacier retreat in the Maritime Antarctic, King George Island. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, 89, [6].
Kennepohl, A., Strey, S., Strey, R., Munzel, P., Schumann, C., Hartberger, K., Kummer, B., Boy, J., & Inst, J. K. (2016). Phytomedicine meets Artificial Intelligence - automatic recognition of plant diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies.
Marin, C., Aguilera, P., Cornejo, P., Godoy, R., Oehl, F., Palfner, G., & Boy, J. (2016). Arbuscular mycorrhizal assemblages along contrasting Andean forests of Southern Chile. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 16(4), 916-929.
Pfaff, S., Borchhardt, N., Boy, J., Karsten, U., & Gustavs, L. (2016). Desiccation tolerance and growth-temperature requirements of Coccomyxa (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) strains from Antarctic biological soil crusts. Algological Studies.
Strey, S., Boy, J., Strey, R., Weber, O., & Guggenberger, G. (2016). Response of soil organic carbon to land-use change in central Brazil: a large-scale comparison of Ferralsols and Acrisols. Plant and soil, 408(1-2), 327-342.

Zeige Ergebnisse 51 - 60 von 81
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