Publikationsliste Prof. Dr. Stephan Peth

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Peth, S., Ulbrich, A., & Uteau-Puschmann, D. (2016). Soil microaggregates: crush down and look inside. Abstract von Joint Meeting of IUSS Comission 2.1 and DBG Commission 1
, Deutschland.
Peth, S., Krüger, B., Horvat, M., & Uteau-Puschmann, D. (2016). Soil trafficability of skid trails in a spruce forest soil: Assessment of soil hydrological and mechanical properties. Abstract von Joint Meeting of IUSS Comission 2.1 and DBG Commission 1
, Deutschland.
Raanan, H., Felde, V. J. M. N. L., Peth, S., Drahorad, S., Ionescu, D., Eshkol, G., Treves, H., Felix-Henningsen, P., Berkowicz, S. M., Keren, N., Horn, R., Hagemann, M., & Kaplan, A. (2016). Three-dimensional structure and cyanobacterial activity within a desert biological soil crust. Environmental microbiology, 18(2), 372-383.
Roose, T., Keyes, S. D., Daly, K. R., Carminati, A., Otten, W., Vetterlein, D., & Peth, S. (2016). Challenges in imaging and predictive modeling of rhizosphere processes. Plant and soil, 407(1-2), 9-38.
Schaeffer, A., Amelung, W., Hollert, H., Kaestner, M., Kandeler, E., Kruse, J., Miltner, A., Ottermanns, R., Pagel, H., Peth, S., Poll, C., Rambold, G., Schloter, M., Schulz, S., Streck, T., & Roß-Nickoll, M. (2016). The impact of chemical pollution on the resilience of soils under multiple stresses: A conceptual framework for future research. Science of the Total Environment, 568, 1076-1085.
Zhao, Y., Si, B., He, H., Xu, J., Peth, S., & Horn, R. (2016). Modeling of coupled water and heat transfer in freezing and thawing soils, Inner Mongolia. Water (Switzerland), 8(10), Artikel 424.


Baba, H. O., Peth, S., Horn, R., Bens, O., & Hüttl, R. F. (2015). Quantification of mechanical strength and sliding stability of an artificial water catchment (Chicken Creek). Soil and Tillage Research, 146(PA), 66-78.
Han, E., Kautz, T., Perkons, U., Uteau, D., Peth, S., Huang, N., Horn, R., & Köpke, U. (2015). Root growth dynamics inside and outside of soil biopores as affected by crop sequence determined with the profile wall method. Biology and fertility of soils, 51(7), 847-856.
Pagenkemper, S. K., Peth, S., Puschmann, D. U., & Horn, R. (2015). Effects of root-induced biopores on pore space architecture investigated with industrial X-ray computed tomography. In Soil- Water- Root Processes: Advances in Tomography and Imaging (S. 69-96). Wiley-Blackwell.
Pagenkemper, S. K., Athmann, M., Uteau, D., Kautz, T., Peth, S., & Horn, R. (2015). The effect of earthworm activity on soil bioporosity - Investigated with X-ray computed tomography and endoscopy. Soil and Tillage Research, 146(PA), 79-88.