Research in the Soil Physics Group

apl. Prof. Dr. Jörg Bachmann

The analysis and specification of physicochemical parameters affecting hydraulic properties in soils at different scales represents the research focus of our working group. Thus, we aim to link fundamental physical and chemical properties of soils to environmental studies on different scales from colloidal mass transport to erosion processes. This objective also represents the essential and innovative approach for future developments of the working group. Some of the most important research programmes were embedded in framework projects such as "SPP 1090: Carbon Sequestration in Soil", "SPP 1315 Biogeochemical Interfaces" and in the research group "FOR 1806: SUBSOM".

The focal points of these studies were the linking of the interfacial properties of soil particles and soil solution with fundamental soil physical properties, which control the degradation processes of soil organic matter, soil structure, water, heat and solution transport as well as the mobility of dissolved substances and colloidal particles in natural soils and 3-phase soil models.

Investigation of physical interface properties of soil particles.

Measurement of wetting angles with the "sessile drop method" using a goniometer microscope and linking the measured values with physicochemical surface properties of the soil particles.

Linking of wetting properties of the particle surface with chemical properties

Use of X-ray electron spectroscopy (XPS) to link wetting properties of the particle surface with chemical properties of the interface.

Linking interfacial properties with (micro-)hydraulic, thermal and mechanical processes in soils.

Conceptual linking of interfacial properties with (micro-)hydraulic and thermal and mechanical processes in soils and their measurement in the laboratory.

Group leadership