List of Publications Prof. Dr. Guggenberger

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Jeewani, P. H., Gunina, A., Tao, L., Zhu, Z., Kuzyakov, Y., Van Zwieten, L., Guggenberger, G., Shen, C., Yu, G., Singh, B. P., Pan, S., Luo, Y., & Xu, J. (2020). Rusty sink of rhizodeposits and associated keystone microbiomes. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 147, Article 107840.
Jeewani, P. H., Chen, L., Van Zwieten, L., Shen, C., Guggenberger, G., Luo, Y., & Xu, J. (2020). Shifts in the bacterial community along with root-associated compartments of maize as affected by goethite. Biology and fertility of soils, 56(8), 1201-1210.
Kalks, F., Liebmann, P., Wordell-Dietrich, P., Guggenberger, G., Kalbitz, K., Mikutta, R., Helfrich, M., & Don, A. (2020). Fate and stability of dissolved organic carbon in topsoils and subsoils under beech forests. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY, 148(2), 111-128.,
Keuper, F., Wild, B., Kummu, M., Beer, C., Blume-Werry, G., Fontaine, S., Gavazov, K., Gentsch, N., Guggenberger, G., Hugelius, G., Jalava, M., Koven, C., Krab, E. J., Kuhry, P., Monteux, S., Richter, A., Shahzad, T., Weedon, J. T., & Dorrepaal, E. (2020). Carbon loss from northern circumpolar permafrost soils amplified by rhizosphere priming. Nature geoscience, 13(8), 560-565.
Liebmann, P., Wordell-Dietrich, P., Kalbitz, K., Mikutta, R., Kalks, F., Don, A., Woche, S. K., Dsilva, L. R., & Guggenberger, G. (2020). Relevance of aboveground litter for soil organic matter formation: a soil profile perspective. BIOGEOSCIENCES, 17(12), 3099-3113.,
Mu, C., Abbott, B. W., Norris, A. J., Mu, M., Fan, C., Chen, X., Jia, L., Yang, R., Zhang, T., Wang, K., Peng, X., Wu, Q., Guggenberger, G., & Wu, X. (2020). The status and stability of permafrost carbon on the Tibetan Plateau. Earth-Science Reviews, 211, Article 103433.
Rohr, A. D., Schimmel, J., Liu, B., Beerhues, L., Guggenberger, G., & Winkelmann, T. (2020). Identification and validation of early genetic biomarkers for apple replant disease. PLOS ONE, 15(9), Article e0238876.,
Techen, A. K., Helming, K., Brüggemann, N., Veldkamp, E., Reinhold-Hurek, B., Lorenz, M., Bartke, S., Heinrich, U., Amelung, W., Augustin, K., Boy, J., Corre, M., Duttman, R., Gebbers, R., Gentsch, N., Grosch, R., Guggenberger, G., Kern, J., Kiese, R., ... Vogel, H. J. (2020). Soil research challenges in response to emerging agricultural soil management practices. In D. L. Sparks (Ed.), Advances in Agronomy (pp. 179-240). (Advances in Agronomy; Vol. 161). Academic Press Inc..
Tran, T. V., Buckel, J., Maurischat, P., Tang, H., Yu, Z., Graf, T., Hördt, A., Zhang, F., Guggenberger, G., & Schwalb, A. (2020). Aquifer parameter estimation for the Zhagu subcatchment (Tibetan Plateau) based on geophysical methods. EGU General Assembly 2020, online.
Wei, X., Zhu, Z., Liu, Y., Luo, Y., Deng, Y., Xu, X., Liu, S., Richter, A., Shibistova, O., Guggenberger, G., Wu, J., & Ge, T. (2020). C:N:P stoichiometry regulates soil organic carbon mineralization and concomitant shifts in microbial community composition in paddy soil. Biology and fertility of soils, 56(8), 1093-1107.