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Glaser, B., Guggenberger, G., & Zech, W. (2004). Identifying the Pre-Columbian Anthropogenic Input on Present Soil Properties of Amazonian Dark Earths (Terra Preta). In Amazonian dark earths : explorations in space and time ; with 36 tables (pp. 145-158)
Guggenberger, G. (2004). Soil minerals and organic components: impact on biological processes, human welfare and nutrition. In Soil abiotic and biotic interactions and impact on the ecosystem and human welfare : [selected papers presented at symposium 47 "Soil mineral-organic component-microorganism interactions and the impact on the ecosystem and human welfare" of IUSS Working Group MO and symposium 06 "Frontiers of soil chemistry and biochemistry of soil rhizosphere" of IUSS Commission II, the 17th World Congress of Soil Science, Bangkok, Thailand, August 14 - 21, 2002] (pp. 3-16). Bentham Science Publishers B.V..
Kaiser, K., Guggenberger, G., & Haumaier, L. (2004). Changes in dissolved lignin-derived phenols, neutral sugars, uronic acids, and amino sugars with depth in forested Haplic Arenosols and Rendzic Leptosols. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY, 70(1), 135-151.
Kawahigashi, M., Kaiser, K., Kalbitz, K., Rodionov, A., & Guggenberger, G. (2004). Dissolved organic matter in small streams along a gradient from discontinuous to continuous permafrost. Global change biology, 10(9), 1576-1586.
Schulze, W. X., Gleixner, G., Kaiser, K., Guggenberger, G., Mann, M., & Schulze, E. D. (2004). A proteomic fingerprint of dissolved organic carbon and of soil particles. OECOLOGIA, 142(3), 335-343.


Ashagrie, Y., Zech, W., Guggenberger, G., & Teketay, D. (2003). Changes in soil organic carbon, nitrogen and sulphur stocks due to the conversion of natural forest into tree plantations (Pinus Patula and Eucalyptus Globulus) in the highlands of Ethiopia. World resource review, 15(4), 462-482.
Glaser, B., Guggenberger, G., & Zech, W. (2003). Organic chemistry studies on amazonian dark earths. In Amazonian dark earths : origin, properties, management (pp. 227-241)
Glaser, B., Guggenberger, G., Zech, W., & Lourdes Ruivo, M. D. (2003). Soil organic matter stability in amazonian dark earths. In Amazonian dark earths : origin, properties, management (pp. 141-158)
Guggenberger, G., & Kaiser, K. (2003). Dissolved organic matter in soil: challenging the paradigm of sorptive preservation. GEODERMA, 113(3-4), 293-310.
Johann, A. C., Solomon, D., Fritzsche, F., Guggenberger, G., & Zech, W. (2003). Catena-Studie zum Umsatz von organischem C, N und S in stabilisotopen-markierter Streu an Waldstandorten im äthiopischen Hochland. In Mitteilungen der deutschen bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft (Vol. 102-2, pp. 839-840)