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Peth, S., & Horn, R. (2011). Stress–strain relations. In Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series (pp. 862-867). (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series; Vol. Part 4). Springer Netherlands.
Peth, S., & Hamoudy, O. B. (2011). Untersuchungen zu den Kriechvorgängen im Einzugsgebiet Hühnerwasser. Abstract from DBG Jahrestagung 2011, Germany.ängen_in_dem_Einzugsgebiet_Hühnerwasser.pdf
Peth, S., Garnier, P., Pot, V., Genty, A., Monga, O., Vieublé-Gonod, L., Pinheiro, M., Ogurreck, M., & Beckmann, F. (2011). Visualisation and modelling of water-air interface in soil porosity: Impact on microbial degradation. Abstract from 6th International Symposium of Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms (ISMOM) 2011, France.
Reszkowska, A., Peth, S., Peng, X., & Horn, R. (2011). Grazing effects on compressibility of kastanozems in Inner Mongolian steppe ecosystem. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 75(2), 426-433.
Reszkowska, A., Krümmelbein, J., Peth, S., Horn, R., Zhao, Y., & Gan, L. (2011). Influence of grazing on hydraulic and mechanical properties of semiarid steppe soils under different vegetation type in Inner Mongolia, China. Plant and soil, 340(1), 59-72.
Reszkowska, A., Krümmelbein, J., Gan, L., Peth, S., & Horn, R. (2011). Influence of grazing on soil water and gas fluxes of two Inner Mongolian steppe ecosystems. Soil and Tillage Research, 111(2), 180-189.
Zhao, Y., Peth, S., Hallett, P., Wang, X., Giese, M., Gao, Y., & Horn, R. (2011). Factors controlling the spatial patterns of soil moisture in a grazed semi-arid steppe investigated by multivariate geostatistics. ECOHYDROLOGY, 4(1), 36-48.
Zhao, Y., Peth, S., Reszkowska, A., Gan, L., Krümmelbein, J., Peng, X., & Horn, R. (2011). Response of soil moisture and temperature to grazing intensity in a Leymus chinensis steppe, Inner Mongolia. Plant and soil, 340(1), 89-102.


Brueck, H., Erdle, K., Gao, Y., Giese, M., Zhao, Y., Peth, S., & Lin, S. (2010). Effects of N and water supply on water use-efficiency of a semiarid grassland in Inner Mongolia. Plant and soil, 328(1), 495-505.
Holthusen, D., Peth, S., & Horn, R. (2010). Impact of potassium concentration and matric potential on soil stability derived from rheological parameters. Soil and Tillage Research, 111(1), 75-85.