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Almawazreh, A., Uteau, D., Subbarayappa, C. T., Buerkert, A., Lehmann, S., & Peth, S. (2024). Modeling N fertilization impact on water cycle and water use efficiency of maize, finger-millet, and lablab crops in South India. Vadose zone journal, 23(3), Article e20319. https://doi.org/10.1002/vzj2.20319, https://doi.org/10.15488/17232
Alves, A. R., Holthusen, D., Marchezan, C., Brunetto, G., Peth, S., & Reichert, J. M. (2024). Long-term application of different organic and inorganic fertilizers in no-tillage crops changes the soil microstructural viscoelasticity and shear resistance to transient stresses. Soil use and management, 40(1), Article e13037. https://doi.org/10.1111/sum.13037
Amelung, W., Tang, N., Siebers, N., Aehnelt, M., Eusterhues, K., Felde, V. J. M. N. L., Guggenberger, G., Kaiser, K., Kögel-Knabner, I., Klumpp, E., Knief, C., Kruse, J., Lehndorff, E., Mikutta, R., Peth, S., Ray, N., Prechtel, A., Ritschel, T., Schweizer, S. A., ... Totsche, K. U. (2024). Architecture of soil microaggregates: Advanced methodologies to explore properties and functions. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 187(1), 17-50. https://doi.org/10.1002/jpln.202300149
Asadzadeh, S., Chabrillat, S., Cudahy, T., Rashidi, B., & Filho, C. R. D. S. (2024). Alteration Mineral Mapping of the Shadan Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit (Iran) Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopic Data: Implications for Exploration Drilling. Economic geology, 119(1), 139-160. https://doi.org/10.5382/econgeo.5041
Brüggenwirth, L., Behrens, R., Schnee, L. S., Sauheitl, L., Mikutta, R., & Mikutta, C. (2024). Interactions of manganese oxides with natural dissolved organic matter: Implications for soil organic carbon cycling. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, 366, 182-200. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2023.12.016
Bucka, F. B., Felde, V. J. M. N. L., Peth, S., & Kögel-Knabner, I. (2024). Complementary effects of sorption and biochemical processing of dissolved organic matter for emerging structure formation controlled by soil texture. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 187(1), 51-62. https://doi.org/10.1002/jpln.202200391
Callau-Beyer, A. C., Mburu, M. M., Weßler, C. F., Amer, N., Corbel, A. L., Wittnebel, M., Böttcher, J., Bachmann, J., & Stützel, H. (2024). Effect of high frequency subsurface drip fertigation on plant growth and agronomic nitrogen use efficiency of red cabbage. Agricultural water management, 297, Article 108826. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agwat.2024.108826
Donnerhack, O., Liebmann, P., Maurischat, P., & Guggenberger, G. (2024). Post fire Black Carbon alteration: Rapid changes in a supposedly inert pool. https://doi.org/10.5194/egusphere-egu24-1109
Gentsch, N., Riechers, F. L., Boy, J., Schweneker, D., Feuerstein, U., Heuermann, D., & Guggenberger, G. (2024). Cover crops improve soil structure and change organic carbon distribution in macroaggregate fractions. SOIL, 10(1), 139-150. https://doi.org/10.5194/soil-10-139-2024
Jia, P., He, W., Hu, Y., Liang, Y., Liang, Y., Xue, L., Zamanian, K., & Zhao, X. (2024). Inversion of coastal cultivated soil salt content based on multi-source spectra and environmental variables. Soil and Tillage Research, 241, Article 106124. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.still.2024.106124