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Boy, D., Godoy, R., Sauheitl, L., Guggenberger, G., Boy, J., & Möller, R. (2017). Abundance of radiation-resistant bacteria along an aridity gradient in the Atacama Desert – Are radiation- and desiccation resistance connected from the habitat perspective?.
Boy, D., Boy, J., Guggenberger, G., Möller, R., & Godoy, R. (2017). Atacama Desert: Determination of two new extremophilic microbial model systems for space exploration and astrobiology studies – data from a large-scale transect study. Poster session presented at EGU General Assembly 2017, Wien, Austria.
Boy, J., Godoy, R., Dechêne, A., Shibistova, O., Amir, H., Iskandar, I., Fogliano, B., Boy, D., McCulloch, R., Andrino de la Fuente, A., Gschwendtner, S., Marin, C., Sauheitl, L., Dultz, S., Mikutta, R., & Guggenberger, G. (2017). Global comparison reveals biogenic weathering as driven by nutrient limitation at ecosystem scale.
Boy, D., Boy, J., Guggenberger, G., Godoy, R., & Möller, R. (2017). Searching new extremophilic microbial model systems for space exploration studies – data from a large-scale transect study in the Atacama Desert. Abstract from MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION 2017, 5th Joint Conference of the DGHM & VAAM, VAAM Annual Meeting 2017, 69th Annual Meeting of the DGHM, Würzburg, Germany, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany.