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Hassan, M., Woche, S. K., & Bachmann, J. (2014). How the root zone modifies soil wettability: Model experiments with alfalfa and wheat. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 177(3), 449-458.
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Leiber-Sauheitl, K., Fuß, R., Voigt, C., & Freibauer, A. (2014). High CO2 fluxes from grassland on histic Gleysol along soil carbon and drainage gradients. Biogeosciences, 11(3), 749-761.
Lessovaia, S., Dultz, S., Goryachkin, S., Plötze, M., Polekhovsky, Y., Andreeva, N., & Filimonov, A. (2014). Mineralogy and pore space characteristics of traprocks from Central Siberia, Russia: Prerequisite of weathering trends and soil formation. Applied clay science, 102, 186-195.
Meinsen, J., Winsemann, J., Roskosch, J., Brandes, C., Frechen, M., Dultz, S., & Böttcher, J. (2014). Climate control on the evolution of Late Pleistocene alluvial-fan and aeolian sand-sheet systems in NW Germany. BOREAS, 43(1), 42-66.
Mikutta, R., Lorenz, D., Guggenberger, G., Haumaier, L., & Freund, A. (2014). Properties and reactivity of Fe-organic matter associations formed by coprecipitation versus adsorption: Clues from arsenate batch adsorption. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, 144, 258-276.
Nguetnkam, J., & Dultz, S. (2014). Clay dispersion in typical soils of north cameroon as a function of ph and electrolyte concentration. Land Degradation and Development, 25(2), 153-162.
Peng, S., Marone, F., & Dultz, S. (2014). Resolution effect in X-ray microcomputed tomography imaging and small pore's contribution to permeability for a Berea sandstone. Journal of hydrology, 510, 403-411.

Showing entries 411 - 420 out of 659